Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October Heat in South Florida

Wow, we are having a heat wave in October. We have resorted to reading blogs of areas that have snow in order to cool off. The heat index has been hovering around 105. We rode over to the beach and hung out for a couple of hours just soaking in the cool 78 degree Atlantic Ocean waters. Using lots of sun screen and a big ol hat. The heat off the roads is something else so riding thru a shady area is just delightful. We have been told by the almighty, often misleading, weathermen, that the temps are due to drop by the weekend. How does 85-87 sound?

Speaking of blogs showing snow, you have just got to look at this truck at a Wyoming Ranch.


After that go to her website and look at her English Shepherds. There are some videos of the 11 puppies that they had last March that are priceless . Sometimes it is just so nice to randomly follow a link on the Internet and see where it takes you. We started out at dailycoyote.net, a great site, and followed a twitter link to the icy Dodge truck. And after seeing the Dodge truck with some unusual ice designs by nature, we went to their website. http://www.rimrockenglishshepherds.com/

At the end of the long hot day we rode over to a beach near the north end of the island of Palm Beach and watched the display of sea gulls. This is one of their favorite spots as it is somewhat deserted, so they have it all to themselves. Here are some photos of them having fun.

Guess this is what you might call a meeting of the minds.

Here is guy that is more curious than fearul.

Hoping all of you are experiencing some nice Fall weather with crisp temps and colorful leaves on the trees.


Conchscooter said...

they can keep it.

irondad said...

Good to see you back and adding color to our lives again!

Lance said...

Wow, nice weather! I enjoyed your post, especially the Flock of Seagulls Fan Club!

Heinz N Frenchie said...

Hi Conch,
We're with you, lovely to look at but painful to experience.

Hello Irondad,
Thanks but you are such a colorful character, it is suprising that you seek more.

Hi Lance,
Yes the seagulls are definitly part of the South Florida culture. And the weather is getting better by the day.

irondad said...

Weirdly enough, that's not the first time I've been called a colorful character! Jeez!

Anonymous said...

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