Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This ones for Sarch

Every time we see a GoldWing, we think of Sarch, http://sarchsblog.blogspot.com/ , so we just knew he would enjoy these pictures.

We often visit Delray Beach. It is not only quaint and inviting but it is especially motorcycle and scooter friendly. They created a cycle only parking area right in the middle of everything. And if you look closely, way down at the end on the right you will see our little red and yellow tails sticking out of the row of monster machines. This weekend we were lucky to find two empty spots to park. We just love to stroll and look at each handsome cycle.

Every weekend one can find a long city block full of great looking motorcycles. South Florida is a rider’s heaven and Delray Beach seems to be a very desired destination. There are eateries to please every taste and budget, boutiques and shops, plus a nice walkway along the Intracoastal and the beach.

So many fun places to visit in this one small beach haven.