Sunday, October 19, 2008

Green Market in Downtown WPB

Today was the first Saturday of the Green Market, an outdoor market located in downtown West Palm Beach and held once a week. We know what you are thinking, outdoor fresh markets are usually over by now. But we are just beginning. Take those apples.

We could not miss going and taking some photos. There was a great crowd, whole families with several generations, the kids and the dogs. What a great place to watch people and smell good food. The weather was great, as it tends to be here at this time of year, so everyone was out enjoying it. There was fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked food, cheeses, breads, pastas, coffees, a fantastic array of all thing edible. Plus the flowers were exceptional, orchids like we have never seen.

Musicians entertained the people as they shopped and ate.

The colorful vegetables and fruits were a big hit as nothing tastes quite as good as veggies and friuts picked fresh from the fields.

The cheese stand, one could smell from yards away. And the selection was sublime. For cheese lovers, this was heaven. He even had some sausage links hanging in the back to go with the cheese.

And you can't have cheese withoug bread... Hom-Lyke, original yea?

And all kinds of pastas. We love pasta!
We have never had Cider Doughnuts. Have you? We didn't get a chance to try them this time but next week, watch out calories! We will be making a bee line for this stand. That is unless some of you tell us they are not good.

We do love crepes and Gracie's was selling cuban coffee to go with them. Yum!

There was a long line for the homemade Mexican Food.

The Pet Adoption Organization was there with some adorable guys that needed a good home. Here are a couple of takers making their bid for this cute black dog.

These were two canine look-a-likes that met up at the Green Market.

This guy is waiting on his Mistress to finish her smoothie so he can get along home or at least hike a leg at that flower pot.

Look at the tongue on this one and the irrestible beggard look on his face. How can anyone say no?

The flowers were outstanding and a beautiful addition to the market. Don't know anyone who does not enjoy strolling through the plants. And the orchids were something else. Never seen some of the varieties.

When we got tired of shopping and eating we could flake out in the park adjacent to the Market.

We did see one scooter...

And the desperate Auto Dealership who goes to any lengths to sell cars.

Well if we did not spark your appetite, you must have already eaten.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Need Some Advice

Hello Fellow Scooter Bloggers,

We have a small problem. Our condo garage has issued decals for all vehicles in our garage. The decals are made to stick on the inside of an auto window so that they are viewed properly from the outside. We do not have windshields on our scooters so we are wondering where we attach such decals. We have looked online for something that might be especially designed for scooters, like badge holders that stick on, but did not find anything. It has to be something with a transparent window so that the decal will show thru. We would appreciate all your suggestions.

Oh and by the way. We changed our email address for our account at Modern Vespa Message Board and got locked out. We have emailed them several times and no response so we cannot even post this request on the message board for assistance. Anybody got an "in" with Modern Vespa Message Board?

Thanks already! HeinznFrenchie