Saturday, June 28, 2008

Roaming The Canals

One of things we enjoy doing on the weekends is just taking off and roaming around the canals of our area. One can ride over a small bridge and voila there is a gorgeous big boat just sitting there.

There are many beautiful yachts like these.

And usually where you find boats one finds pelicans. These guys were just hanging around hoping someone would drop some fish on them. And someone usually does.

We were riding in an area called Harbor Beach, very upscale, when a guy steps out into the street and flags us down. We thought, oh no, he is probably going to give us some grief for riding on his street. But he wanted to let us know about a Vespa group here in South Florida called the Southeast Florida Scooters. He gave us their card and told us how to contact them. We talked a while and then he got back to his business of installing a window in a house and we got back to our scenic ride.

This is how strange life is. The next week we get an email from a lady who found our blog and wanted to invite us to the same Vespa group here in South Florida. She had actually seen us riding in Victoria Park, a lovely residential area of East Fort Lauderdale. Seems the club is really very organized and they do lots of social events. In case anyone local wants to get in touch with them here is the link to their Yahoo group.

They go on fairly long trips, in fact they were planning a trip to Key West. So we will check it out, but getting on any major highway on our scooters is not a choice we would make at this time. We just started riding in October of last year so we are pretty cautious. Don’t know how many of you have visited Florida, but voting is not the only thing we screw up. We have some of the worst drivers in the country.

The group meets frequently at a place called The Cove Restaurant and Marina in Deerfield Beach. It is a nice place, here is a link to the website.

We ride up to Deerfield occasionally and in the past we have posted some nice beach shots from Deerfield Beach on our blog. So we plan to ride up there some weekend and see The Cove.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Peacocks Again

Last November we wrote about discovering some peacocks living right near downtown. We thought they were awesome. Then we found these beauties walking around in another neighborhood several miles north of downtown.

We were riding in an area called Wilton Manors when what do we see but peacocks. These guys were just amazing. They were right at home in this neighborhood. We laughed as they were strolling around visiting their neighbors, checking out the carport, looking in the glass doors, and parading on the patio among the plants. Nothing seemed to faze them. They ignored us, acted like we were not even there. These guys were used to being kings and queens of the hill.

South Fork Middle River runs along this particular neighborhood. In fact Wilton Manors is often called the Island City because it is surrounded and bordered by the North and South Forks of the Middle River. The landscaping here is quite beautiful and shows how the residents take pride in their homes.

The view up the river was so pretty as you can see in these photos. We parked at the end of one of the small streets which dead end at the river.

It was a great ending to a day of riding, very peaceful surroundings. We almost did not want to leave and go home. But the peacocks had already staked out their territory and we were only allowed to visit and look and take a few photos.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Friend and His Co Pilot

A few weeks ago we talked about our friend, Luciano, and his new scooter purchase. He bought a Roketa Maui 50GL. We were trying to help him out with the color, but as it turned out, the dealer only had blue so that solved that problem quickly. It is beautiful in blue!

How cute is his Co-Pilot, Isabella??

Luciano loves the new scooter and sent us these photos to share with everyone. He wrote that he was already thinking about upgrading to more power. We know how that is, because we spent a lot of time before making our decision. And even though we don't put the metal to the pedal, it is good to be able to keep up with the traffic and we like to have that extra pick up for taking off at an intersection.

Thanks Luciano for sending us the great pics. Anyone else out there is welcome to send some too. We enjoy hearing from fellow two wheelers.