Sunday, October 2, 2011

No Longer in South Florida

Better Late than Never! We had become lazy and were not updating our blog.  Guess it happens to everyone at some time.  Life seemed to move so fast........and although we had good intentions, we didn't follow thru.

We left South Florida on August 5th and are now in Sedona, Arizona.  There are new roads to discover and new friends to make here in beautiful Sedona.  We have exchanged the ocean views for the red rocks.  Waiting to see if we miss the rides along the Atlantic.  So far we are so amazed at the beauty of nature here.  In Florida all the roads were flat while here they are winding and hilly.  Quite a challenge for us at the beginning, but we are getting the hang of it.

We made the dreaded trip to the DMV and got new tags for the scooters and new registrations.  It was a pleasant surprise as there were so few people there that we were in and out in half an hour.  We were used to long lines in South Florida where if you did not make an appointment, you could spend the day there.  We actually had to go to Cottonwood which is 15 miles away as there is not a DMV in Sedona.  We are learning that there are a lot of things that are not in Sedona, but so far it has not been an issue.  

We parked the scooters below and were way up on a hill to take this picture.  Heinz and Frenchie and the cars all look like toys.  The views are wonderful and the scenery breath taking.  Hope our pictures do it justice.